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If you’re looking to make your next movie night or camping trip an absolute blast, then it’s a smart idea to invest in a powerful speaker that’s also easy to take anywhere. You can do just that and get more from your favorite movies and music with Dash A: The World’s Flattest Portable Speaker — all for less than $60.

Normally $200, this bluetooth speaker is 69 percent off

Normally $200, this bluetooth speaker is 69 percent off

DASH A: World’s Flattest Portable Speaker on sale for $59.99

Although small in size, this Bluetooth soundbar delivers a high-quality audio experience. You’ll get 10 hours of flawless playback on each charge and enjoy subtle auditory detail thanks to its crisp quality. So, this ultra-thin soundbar has you covered all the time, whether you’re watching every movie from your favorite series in a row or plan on playing the entire day while camping with friends and family.

Even better, using this tiny soundbar is convenient and straightforward. It pairs effortlessly with any Bluetooth enabled device, includes an audio cable for those who prefer wired connections, and disappears below your mobile device for unobstructed viewing. Plus, it lets you take calls via speakerphone and talk without interruption thanks to its noise-cancellation technology.

As Leslie Shapiro of Sound & Vision says “for sound quality and ease of use, the Dash A is a hands-down winner.”

Get more from your movies and music with the Dash A for $59.99 in The Daily Caller Shop. That’s 69% off the original price of $199.

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