Andrea Mitchell Incorrectly Claims Macron Is Serving A Four-Year Term

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Andrea Mitchell, NBC’s chief foreign affairs correspondent, stated on MSNBC Tuesday that French President Emmanuel Macron is serving a “four-year term,” which is not true.

France passed a constitutional amendment in 2001 that reduced the presidential term from seven to five years.


“It’s getting away [sic] almost an hour late. They’ve obviously had a lot to talk about in their meetings.”

“Here you’ve got the strongest leader in Europe, arguably, [Angela] Merkel is stronger in terms of the economy of Germany, but Macron as Chris Dickey pointed out earlier, has a four-year term,” she continued. “He’s got great strength at home, and he’s trying to reform France’s economy and play off of his ability to deal with Donald Trump in a way that Merkel cannot.”

It should be noted that while MSNBC contributor Christopher Dickey took part in Mitchell’s panel, The Daily Caller could not find an instance of him claiming Macron was serving a four-year term.

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