So Much Stupid

Derek Hunter | Contributor

So much stupid happened in the last 24 hours.

On today’s episode of The Daily Daily Caller Podcast, Michael Avenatti, the lawyer for Stormy Daniels, claimed he wasn’t getting booked on Fox News and insinuated it was because the network was trying to protect President Trump.


But Avenatti canceled a scheduled appearance on the network with Martha McCallum, which was supposed to happen today. Rather than reschedule or pre-tape the interview, Avenatti bailed. Then he attacked McCallum for pointing out the contradictions between his claim and reality because lawyering, or something.

What Avenatti and the mainstream media seem to think is the American people care deeply about what he and Daniels have to say, but they really don’t. One of the main motivating factors in voting for Donald Trump, aside from supporting his policies, was the fact that he wasn’t Hillary Clinton. This is what liberals cannot accept. Everyone knew about Trump’s past, whether they knew about the specifics or not, so everything was baked into the cake.

The only people interested in what Trump may or may not have done a dozen years ago are people who have spent the years since the administration of Bill Clinton lecturing us on how none of the personal stuff matters. Plus, Clinton did what he did with Monica while he was president, the allegations against Trump happened so long ago that Twinkies made then have expired.

From the department of corrections, this one from the New York Times takes the cake this week:

That’s one hell of a correction. Apparently no one in the editing process at the Times had ever heard of what has been common knowledge about the Palestinian government for decades.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid is defending herself against allegations of homophobia from more than 10 years ago, back in the dark days when she held the same positions as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the Democratic Party on gay marriage. Liberals not only want to erase and rewrite large swaths of US history, they want to do the same to their own histories. She claims her old blog was “hacked,” but does it really matter? Was what she’s accused of having written years ago really offensive?

Broward County Sheriff and elected Democrat Scott Israel is facing a voter of “no confidence” by the officers who work for him. Turns out the failure of his department during the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School wasn’t the only time his leadership has not lived up to what is expected of a sheriff.

Speaking of failures by security, Stoneman Douglas student and Second Amendment supporter (which is why he’s not being showered with media attention) Kyle Kashuv was questioned by authorities because he dared to go to a shooting range with his father and posted pictures of it to social media. If only they’d taken the dozens of reports and interactions with the school shooter as seriously as they take tweets by conservative students.

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