Upgrade Your Desk Game With HoverDock And Charge Your iPhone In Minimalist Style

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If you’re looking to elevate the style of your home or office desk, then it’s a cool idea to invest in a minimalist dock that makes charging your iPhone just as beautiful as the iPhone itself. You can do just that and upgrade your desk game with a HoverDock for iPhone — all for $25.

Normally $35, this phone charging dock is 28 percent off

Normally $35, this phone charging dock is 28 percent off

HoverDock for iPhone on sale for $25

The HoverDock is the minimalist answer to your phone charging needs. With it, you’ll avoid the pulls, spills, bumps, and other unforeseen accidents everyone else experiences with the standard wall-charger connection. Instead, you’ll have quick and convenient access to your phone while it stands upright on the dock’s strong aluminum base. This makes seeing all your emails, text messages, and notifications a breeze while you work away. Plus, this setup means there’s no additional adjustment when you want to Facetime friends and family or need to video conference in for a call to work.

Even better, this sturdy and compact dock works with any of your Apple Lightning devices, including phones with cases. So, you can charge your iPhone while working away or dock your iPad if you need another big screen to power through an assignment. No matter the size of the device you charge on this dock, it’ll always stay in place and remain secure thanks to the rubber bottom of the dock that won’t slip or slide.

Get the HoverDock for $25 in The Daily Caller Shop. That’s 28% off the original price of $34.95.

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