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Throwing a party at your home and looking for a good game to play with your guests? You’ve done charades, you’ve done Cards Against Humanity, and you’re in the market for something new. Something that will make all your friends laugh and remember the time they spent at your party. Something that will make you look hip, cool, and with it.

Photo via Amazon

Photo via Amazon

What Do You Meme? Adult Party Game — $29.99

Well, now you can be all of that with the What Do You Meme game. It’s similar to Cards Against Humanity in the sense that it’s meant for adults and works like a card game. However, instead of creating innapropriate phrases, each person takes turns flipping over a card that has a meme on it and the other players have to caption it with the available cards that they have. It’s super easy to explain, and incredibly fun to play with all sorts of personalities. Everyone loves a funny meme, right?

You can purchase the game on Amazon for $29.99, and it is available on Prime for two-day delivery. It’s also an Amazon Choice product, which means it’s been highly rated by other customers. Recently it’s been rated the number one game in the Toys and Game section of Amazon.

So, gather all your friends for a night that everyone is sure to enjoy!

Are you ready to caption some memes?

Amazon video screenshot

Amazon video screenshot

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