A Michigan High Schooler Just Wants To Golf But This Goose Has Other Plans

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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A Michigan high schooler was ready to tee off and play some golf, but a Canadian goose had other plans.

In photos that surfaced on Twitter, 16-year-old Isaac Couling, a member of the Concord High School golf team, was playing golf near Blissfield, Michigan, over the weekend, according to CNN Wednesday. He apparently got too close to a goose nest for the Canada goose.

Lucky for us, someone was there to get shots of the moment.

“The group just finished teeing off on hole #7 and were walking down the fairway,” the Concord High School golf coach Steve Babbitt explained. “They were aware of a goose nest on their left which they were looking at but not bothering when from behind them and to the right came the guard goose (protecting the nest).”

Couling was reportedly completely surprised by the charging bird while he was keeping his sights on another goose. Then as the high school student was attempting to get away, he tripped on his own feet.

Later the school shared in another post,that the student was okay, “just his pride was hurt.”

Couling was able to finish the game, though not with his own clubs, thanks to the big bird.

“My clubs fell out and the goose guarded my golf clubs, so I had to finish with my teammate’s clubs,” the high schooler shared. “The coaches had to go out with golf carts (to chase it away) while I finished the hole.”