S**t Hit The Fan When Kanye Defended Candace Owens — Now She’s Got His Back

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Candace Owens has stepped in to defend Kanye West as a number of fans and other celebrities have turned on him for his public support of President Donald Trump. Since Wednesday, Owens has fired off a series of tweets cheering West and even predicting he’ll be president in 2024.

Owens, the communications director for Turning Point USA, even attacked the late night talk show hosts who turned on West:

When Kim Kardashian West jumped in to defend her husband, Owens had her back as well.

Owens is returning the favor for West, who nearly broke the internet with a seven-word tweet cheering the way she had handled a group of Black Lives Matter protesters a few days earlier.

She appeared Tuesday on “Fox & Friends,” again praising West for being a free thinker. “He has “always been an outlier in terms of having his own mind. They told Kanye that he couldn’t be in fashion so he created an entire brand. They told Kanye that he couldn’t like Kim [Kardashian] so he married her.”