Nikki Haley Condemns Hamas For Using UN Facilities As Cover For Terror Operations

Joseph Lafave Contributor
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Ambassador Nikki Haley spoke to the United Nations Security Council Thursday afternoon to condemn the use of human shields by Islamic terrorist groups such as ISIS, Hezbollah and Hamas.

“It’s difficult to think of a more cowardly act – even for a terrorist – than hiding behind innocent civilians,” Haley said.

In her speech, Haley identified several Islamic terror groups who continue to use men, women and children as cover for their operations. Haley also identified the Houthi militants in Yemen as being guilty of this as well.

“The use of human shields deliberately advantages those with no regard for human life, and disadvantages those who seek to minimize civilian casualties,” Haley said. “And the use of human shields isn’t confined to any one conflict. It is present across the Middle East in virtually every conflict.”

The UN ambassador also indicated that United Nations facilities in Gaza have been used by Hamas to hide weapons and supplies.

“That means UN facilities were being used as a cover for Hamas’s military infrastructure,” Haley said.

While Haley lobbed most of the blame onto the terrorists, she also slammed Iran for their continued support of Hezbollah and Hamas.

“As usual, Iran is the patron and protector of many of these groups that fight from behind the bodies of innocent civilians,” she said.

Last week, the European Parliament passed a resolution which condemned Hamas’ use of human shields. Haley has praised this work and urged the UN Security Council to do the same.