Ann Coulter: North Korea Is China’s Problem — Mexico Is Ours


Justin Caruso Contributor
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Conservative commentator Ann Coulter tweeted Friday that North Korea is China’s problem and Mexico is America’s problem.

Coulter tweeted:

Do you agree?

Coulter was a strong and unapologetic supporter of Trump during the primary and 2016 campaign. However, she has criticized him from time to time for not focusing enough on issues like immigration. (RELATED: Ann Coulter Has The Best Take On Whether Trump Should Fire Mueller)

However, Coulter is still as sharp tongued against the left as she’s always been. She recently tweeted that former FBI director James Comey was a “gigantic, pompous fruitcake.” (RELATED: Ann Coulter Calls James Comey ‘A Gigantic, Pompous Fruitcake’)

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