EXCLUSIVE: Gay Conservatives Respond To Joy Reid Homophobia Controversy

(MSNBC: June 18, 2017)

Justin Caruso Contributor
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MSNBC host Joy Reid is under fire for homophobic blog posts that she now alleges were actually put there by a hacker.

Gay conservatives are responding.

Charles Moran, a former California chairman of Log Cabin Republicans and the 2016 Trump campaign’s LGBTQ media surrogate, told The Daily Caller, “The reaction by ‘Gay Inc.’ (the national LGBT ‘advocacy’ organization) and the left-wing apologists in the media has been predictable, and the double-standard is glaring. It’s clear – they will try to tow the Democratic Party line and bash Trump while refusing to hold their own accountable, and this includes Joy Reid.”

“I don’t know Joy Reid and don’t read her blog – what I do see is how left-wing media and the LGBT front groups won’t hold their own accountable,” he said.

“Yesterday, Democratic Senators were overruled on their blocking of Richard Grenell’s nomination to be Ambassador to Germany. Grenell is now the highest profile LGBT appointee by a Republican Administration in history. Democrats blocked it for months. And the left-wing media and Gay Inc hasn’t even acknowledged the importance of President Trump’s high-visibility appointment of an openly gay man. Most of the gay press didn’t even report that he had been confirmed. These are the lengths the left-wing media will go to push a deceptive narrative that differs from the truth.”

Moran also said that there was a double standard in “the LGBT faux-advocacy world.”

“So the double-standard is real in the mainstream media and the LGBT faux-advocacy world. Their disdain for President Trump and their progressive elitism and disdain average American values overrides their commitment to journalistic integrity,” he added.

Gregory Angelo, President of the Log Cabin Republicans, also sounded off to TheDC about Reid.

“I’ve met Joy Reid and have actually been her guest on MSNBC in the past,” Angelo said.

The Log Cabin Republicans are one of the oldest gay conservative groups in the country. The group describes themselves as “LGBT Republicans and straight allies who support equality under the law for all, free markets, individual liberty, limited government, and a strong national defense.”

“I can tell you that Joy is not anti-LGBT today, but it’s totally odd that she is relying on what by all accounts seems a preposterous — though remotely possible — story about her past anti-gay blog posts,” Angelo said.

“People change — and we should embrace that. If this story about hacked archived posts from more than a decade ago is indeed a fabrication, it represents a squandered moment that could have been used to shine a light on how Joy — like so many others in America — has moved from aversion to acceptance of the LGBT community.”

Angelo also implied to TheDC that a conservative might be treated differently by the media if they had said such remarks in the past.

“As for how this all would be playing out had a conservative commentator made such remarks — well, we all know the answer to that question,” he said.

Prominent gay conservative Chris Barron has also been tweeting about the controversy:

Reid’s old homophobic blog posts were revealed by Mediaite in December.

She apologized for the posts, but this week she claimed that the posts were fake and put there by a hacker, a claim that appears to be dubious. (RELATED: This New Poll Is A Nightmare For Hillary — Melania Trump Is MORE Popular As A First Lady Than Her)

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