HYPOCRITE: Joy Reid Wasn’t Just Homophobic — She Demeaned Muslims Too

Justin Caruso | Senior Media Reporter

Following recent controversy over Joy Reid’s previous homophobic blog posts, more old blog posts from the MSNBC host show her making disparaging remarks about Islam.

The old posts are surprisingly different from the usual politically correct sermons delivered by her on MSNBC now.

According the Washington Free Beacon, Reid wrote in 2006, “The current iterations of Islam are largely incompatible with Western notions of free speech and expression, and thus, I’d say, with the Bushian dream of Western style democracy for all.”

Reid also approvingly quoted another blogger, saying that he made a “salient point” when writing about the Muslim world.

The blogger said, “My feeling is that the only reason that a world war between civilizations has not already broken out is that the vast majority of Muslims living in the world today are so desperately poor that they have the time, energy and resources for only the occasional burst of AK-47 fire into the air from the garbage and sewage laden streets outside of their mud huts.”

“Give them resources and I fear that they will come after us everywhere that they can find us, which is to say everywhere,” the post concludes.

Reid added to the post, “… And most of us won’t even know why.”

The left-leaning MSNBC host has been in the hot seat after claiming that old blog posts of hers that contained homophobic content were actually put there by a hacker. (RELATED: Joy Reid Blames Bizarre ‘Hack’ For Homophobic Posts — And Now They’re Gone)

Her hacking claim seems to be dubious. (RELATED: Joy Reid’s Hacking Story Filled With Holes)

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