Kim Jong Un Wrote In The Visitors’ Book Upon Entering The Peace House

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Kim Jong Un wrote of “a new history” and “an age of peace” when he signed a guestbook in the Peace House, where he and South Korean President Moon Jae-in are meeting.

In a historic moment, the North Korean leader stepped across the line into South Korea to meet with President Moon. He remarked as he crossed the line that this moment had been too long in coming. “As I walked over here, I thought ‘why was it so difficult to get here?’ The separating line wasn’t even that high to cross. It was too easy to walk over that line and it took us 11 years to get here.”

As the two leaders entered the Peace House to begin talks, Moon also commented on the length of time it had taken them to reach this point. “Over the past seven decades we weren’t able to communicate, so I think we can talk the whole day today.”

Inside the Peace House, Kim took a moment to sign the guest book, leaving a note that appears to indicate his willingness to talk.

Trump took to Twitter to voice his own cautious optimism regarding the the meeting between Kim and Moon.

Kim is expected to meet with President Donald Trump sometime in May or June.