‘He’s A hero’ — Pro-Trump Singer Joy Villa Pens Moving Tribute To Kanye West

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Pro-Trump singer Joy Villa had high praise for Kanye West’s recent tweets supporting President Trump in a Fox News opinion piece published on Saturday.

When West first started tweeting his support for conservative ideas, Villa noted that “people lost their minds.”

Yet, despite the fact that “Black Twitter disowned West” and people called him “mentally ill,” West stuck to his guns and even “doubled down,” unlike one certain Canadian singer who has also been in the news lately.

“Instead of apologizing for his pro-Trump comment, like Canadian singer Shania Twain pitifully did – backtracking on her comments that she would have voted Trump if she could vote in the U.S. – Kanye West doubled down,” Villa writes before describing West’s tweet about Trump being “my brother” as a moment that made her “heart sing.”

I thought I was the only artist in the music industry who’d ever come out for the president so strongly, and actually I was. After proudly wearing my Trump “Make America Great Again” dress at the 2017 Grammys, I looked behind me and didn’t see any recording artists sharing the backlash I faced.

Not even the ones whose protests were well known, like Madonna “wanting to blow up” the White House. My own publicist quit after getting pounded by hate mail and copious threats to my life.

Black and Latina magazines “disowned” me. Online comments called for me to be banned from attending the Grammys. I was “cancelled” from being a woman of color. Friends, fans – and even some family – jumped ship. But it didn’t stop me. I knew more would come out.

All conservatives in the music industry have had to hide their politics, especially anyone of color. Black and left? That draws affirmation. Black and Republican? We are told to “just shut up.”

Villa described Kanye as “years ahead of his time,” and a man who “has actively changed culture” by “speaking up boldly and bravely in the face of Hollywood’s thought police.”

Hopefully, writes Villa, “others will follow suit.”

West has shattered the stereotype and myth that “all Republicans are racist.” He has challenged the music industry’s identity politics. He’s a hero to free-minded individuals of all colors.

West is a black man who has directly challenged the victim mentality that for some odd reason other black celebrities love to promote.

Read the entire piece here, via Fox News.

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