Iran Vows To Retaliate If Israel Is Source Of Weekend Missile Attack

Joseph Lafave Contributor
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In the wake of missile attacks in Syria over the weekend which killed several Iranian fighters, Iran says it will seek revenge against Israel, who they believe is the likely source of the attack. The Iranian-based news agency ISNA claims that Iranian forces were targeted directly by Israel, although Israel has yet to take responsibility for the attacks.

While speaking to supporters during a meeting on Monday, Iran’s Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said of Israel “They know if they enter military conflict with Iran, they will be hit multiple times,” according to an article on Gulf News.

There is still confusion as to who fired the missiles. Some sources reported that Israel was the likely source, but Tishrin newspaper, a Syrian-regime owned outlet, claims that the attacks came from a joint U.S./Jordanian base in north Jordan. (RELATED: Mysterious Missile Attack Kills A Bunch Of Iranians Fighting For Assad In Syria)

Jordanian and U.S. military forces just concluded a large training exercise in Jordan, Exercise Eager Lion 2018, and several U.S. military units may still be in the Kingdom of Jordan.

Iran is convinced that Israel is the source of the missiles, and has vowed to retaliate, saying that Israel’s days of conducting “hit and run” attacks are over.

In April, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Israel would continue to strike Iranian targets within Syria. Hours before the attack, President Donald Trump and Netanyahu spoke on the phone, and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently visited both Israel and Jordan during his tour of the Middle East.