Kathy Griffin Curses Up A Storm On ‘The View’


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Producers on ABC’s “The View” were hard at work on Monday saving the network from comedian Kathy Griffin’s potty mouth.

Griffin joined “The View” to discuss the backlash surrounding her photo with a mock-up of President Trump’s severed head and, despite being on a broadcast news network in the middle of the day, she had no problem using profane language.

The Daily Caller counted at least five times in the ten minute segment that producers had to mute Griffin after she dropped curse words. The first instance happened within a minutes of Griffin being at “The View” roundtable. If not censored, such language could cost the network some significant cash in FCC fines.

At one point, Griffin was explaining how she was under FBI investigation for the photo — the sound cut out as she appeared to say “it’s f**ked up.”


At the end of the segment, the cohosts seemed unsure as to whether or not Griffin was supposed to be returning after the commercial break. Whoopi Golberg cut off Griffin but insisted they wanted to hear more, causing Joy Behar to ask if Griffin would be coming back.

“No, she’s not coming back,” Goldberg clarified.

Guests on “The View” will often span multiple commercial breaks, but a spokesperson for ABC said that Griffin’s segment was not cut short despite the incessant cursing.

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