The Migrant Caravan Is An Attempted Invasion — Here’s What You Need To Know About It

Stephanie Hamill Video Columnist
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Hundreds of migrants from Central America are demanding entrance into the U.S. Apparently, they’re all seeking asylum and there are U.S. attorneys coaching them on what exactly to say to help them get in.

It’s naive to think that all of these people would really qualify for asylum, but people from third world countries have been gaming the system for years.


The migrants that are gaming the system are ruining it for those who truly need help.

If they were really victims of violence, why wouldn’t they just stay in Mexico? Think about it. They’re actually searching for the American dream and I don’t blame them.

But storming the border and literally throwing yourself over the fence is not how things work. We’re a nation of laws, law and order is part of what makes this country great.

Are these the type of people we want to embrace with open arms, people that have disdain for our nation’s laws?

There are millions of people that are already trying to come to the U.S. legally, it’s not fair to them to let these brazen migrants cut the line.

The organization behind all this is called “Pueblos Sin Fronteras,” which means towns without borders. Isn’t it ironic that this U.S.-based organization, which promotes the open border agenda, is helping all these people get into a country that deeply cares about its borders and sovereignty?

Where is Mexico on this?! The Mexican government is so offended about President Trump’s effort to build a border wall, yet the Mexican government doesn’t stop these people from heading straight to the U.S. -Mexico border.

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