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Looking to upgrade your listening experience? Sick and tired of the lousy performance you’re getting from the pair that came with your phone or the ones that you bought for just a few bucks? With 360 Earphones, get the world’s first 3D 5.1 virtual surround sound earbuds for an unparallel audio experience — all for $72.

Normally $150, these earbuds are 52 percent off

Normally $150, these earbuds are 52 percent off

360 5.1 Virtual Surround Sound Earbuds on sale for $72

This futuristic pair of earbuds lets you enjoy every sound precisely the way it was recorded, in the directional way it was intended. Meaning, you’ll get an incredibly authentic listening experience designed for complete immersion. As Curiosity rightfully notes, “these earbuds are designed to sound like a full home theater system.” The secret is in the design of the earbuds, which use patented technology to combine electro-acoustic theory and electro-acoustic materials to produce sound that comes through exactly the way it was created.

These earbuds were also built with your comfort and convenience in mind. Get the perfect fit wherever you go thanks to the pair’s three sets of silicone ear tips and three silicone hooks. Plus, you’ll never lose or damage them as the couple comes with an included premium aluminum case for secure storage and travel.

Take your audio experience to the next level with a pair of 360 Earphones for $72 in The Daily Caller Shop. That’s 52% off the original price of $150.

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