Bibi Exposes Iran — And Obama

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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On today’s episode of The Daily Daily Caller Podcast, we talk about how the wheels came off President Barack Obama’s “signature foreign policy accomplishment,” the disaster known as the Iran nuclear deal. As the mainstream media circled the wagons to protect Obama’s legacy, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blew it up, exposing how Iran had been lying all along.


This comes as a shock to no one, but in the world of partisan journalism, that which can’t be destroyed must be ignored.

And the media got their distraction from the Iran news in the form of boobs — Stormy Daniels and her lawyer were back with another publicity stunt lawsuit against President Donald Trump for defamation. Unfamiliar with her work, her lawyer insists the President mocking the sketch of Tom Brady, her ex her alleged “threatener” is somehow worthy of suing. CNN and MSNBC immediately took the bait because they’re on board. We have some fun at their expense.

NBC News is moving to protect Tom Brokaw against charges of unwanted touching and attempted forced-kissing. It’s his “#MeToo” moment, but NBC wants to head it off at the pass. To do that, they’ve circulated a letter to female employees to sign supporting Brokaw. Is that really a good idea? How many employees are still around from before Tom retired in 2004? And what mid-level staffer is going to feel comfortable not signing a letter of support, no matter what they’ve experienced or heard, when the network’s brass is asking them to and their top female stars have? Not too many people.




Kanye keeps blowing minds, this time by quoting Thomas Sowell. West’s professed “love” for Donald Trump has moved him to the top of the charts — the hit list for the gang the Crips. Because it’s 2018, and someone calling for gang members to “f-up” a black man for defying the Democratic Party is about as 2018 as you can get.

Finally, a high school student in Utah is being smeared online because she “culturally appropriated” her prom dress. This is liberalism’s latest tactic – the idea that you’re only allowed to like/use/support things that originated by people of your race or ethnicity. It’s racism, pure and simple, so naturally it’s “progressive.”

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