Trump Reportedly Tells Rand Paul US Getting Out Of Afghanistan

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Autumn Price Contributor
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President Trump has reportedly told Sen. Rand Paul that U.S. involvement in Afghanistan is coming to an end.

Paul, who has long called for an end to the war in Afghanistan, has repeatedly called on President Trump to live up to his campaign promises and bring the troops home.

According to The Washington Post, Trump has told Paul that he plans on doing just that. “In general, we’re getting the hell out of there,” the president reportedly said.

The comments reportedly came from a private conversation the libertarian-leaning senator had with the president, where Paul encouraged the president to abandon the hawkish views of cabinet members like National Security Advisor John Bolton.

Paul was reportedly pleased with his conversation with the president, adding that the funds spent overseas should be concentrating on improving infrastructure projects in the United States.

“Senator Rand Paul fully supports President Trump’s vision for America first,” Sen. Paul’s office told The Daily Caller. “We should refocus on building roads and bridges in the United States, and not all over the world. Senator Paul stands with President Trump in a desire for less US intervention in every corner of the globe.”

Paul has previously noted he and President Trump were the only candidates in the 2016 Republican primary who share foreign policy views, especially when it comes to the war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“He said it’s probably only he and I of the whole 16 that shared any of this vision of foreign policy that these wars had been a mistake,” Paul said of the president. “[…] that’s an amazing opening for people like me who think we have made so many mistakes.”