Meghan McCain — Many People Think The Media Hates ‘The People In The Middle Of The Country’

McCain Acosta Left: ABC screenshot Right: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Justin Caruso Contributor
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The View’s Meghan McCain blasted the establishment media Tuesday, saying that many Americans believe they report fake news and hate “people in the middle of the country.”

McCain also called out CNN’s Jim Acosta by name.


“I will say, this is a big gift to Trump supporters. 77 percent of Americans — 77 — believe that the national television and newspaper media outlets report fake news, 89 percent of Republicans believe that,” McCain claimed.

“There’s already this implication when you hear people like Jim Acosta saying Trump supporters, their brains don’t, whatever the quote is, their ‘elevators don’t go to the top floor.'”

“There’s an idea that the media, especially people in DC, hate the Trump administration, hate Republicans, hate the people in the middle of the country,” she continued. “And when you’re sitting there, and by the way, Jonathan Karl, Andrea Mitchell, Mika Brzezinski, these are not people I would certainly not call conservatives, or people in my vein, came out and criticized the dinner as well.”

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