SEAL Who Killed Osama Recalls Raid Seven Years Later

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Rob O’Neill, the Navy SEAL who killed Osama Bin Laden, recounted the details of the raid of Bin Laden’s compound on its seventh anniversary.


O’Neill told “Fox & Friends” that the SEALs tasked with carrying out the raid thought they were going to die and said goodbye to their families before the attack.

“We thought we were gonna die and it was so many emotions — at first it was focus, not fear because we accepted it, said goodbye to our kids,” he said. “Then it was pride — I’m so proud of my guys — and then at the end there’s like one or two rooms left…for me it was, ‘I’m tired of thinking about it, let’s get it over with.'”

He explained that he was so sure that he would die that a week before the raid he purchased a pair of $240 Prada sunglasses even though he knew he couldn’t afford them.

“I ended up carrying those sunglasses into Osama’s bedroom,” he said.

O’Neill said that when the SEALs were in the plane after the raid, he started realizing that he might be able to see his family again.

“Nobody’s talking but we’re all looking at our watches and we get to a point where…the pilot came over the radio and said, ‘For the first time in your lives you’re going to be happy to hear this — Welcome to Afghanistan.”

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