WATCH: Trump Brings Cadet To The Podium, Calls Him ‘Good-Looking’

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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President Trump called an Army cadet to the podium during a speech at West Point Tuesday and complimented his looks.

“Think he’s good-looking enough, general?”


“Early in the third quarter, Navy was up 10 to 7 when their quarterback started racing down the field.  One of your team captains, John Voit — no relation to Jon Voight,” Trump joked.

“He wouldn’t be too good of a football player, but he’s good at other things.  Right?  John Voit – -where’s John?”

“Right here, sir,” Voit responded, as he walked towards the stage.

“Come on over here, John,” Trump responded. “Big guy.”

“Think he’s good-looking enough, general?” Trump asked. (RELATED: President Trump Recognizes Army Lieutenant General — Stops Speech To Thank Him)

Trump also told the cadets, “And you’ll join the greatest force for peace and justice the world has ever known.  You will keep us safe.  You will keep us strong.  You will keep us free.”

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