AP Report On Anti-Semitism Fails To Mention All Offenders Are Democrats

REUTERS/Adrees Latif

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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The Associated Press did a full report on the number of anti-Semites working for the Washington, DC government, but they left out one key factor — all of the offenders they listed are Democrats.

The anti-Semitism problem in DC politics gained national attention after City Councilman Trayon White claimed that wealthy Jews control the weather. He later visited the Holocaust Museum in an apparent attempt to apologize to the Jewish community. The trip failed miserably when he and his staff asked a number of ignorant and insensitive questions and White himself left the tour early.

The AP reported on White and his anti-Semitic colleagues in a piece on Wednesday, but according to the Washington Examiner’s Eddie Scarry, the piece never mentioned that the lawmakers are all Democrats.

The AP piece appears to have been updated after Scarry’s post, noting that White, “like most city officials, is a Democrat.”

The party affiliation of the other lawmakers is still not mentioned.

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