UK Watchdog May Go After Christian Group That Defended Alfie Evans

Stephanie Hamill Video Columnist
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The tragic death of British toddler Alfie Evans is heartbreaking and the details surrounding his death will chill you to the core.

It’s hard to comprehend how a nation can take a child from a loving family, rip him off life support and deny him the care he needs to stay alive — all this because bureaucrats didn’t think his life is worth fighting for.

Let’s not sugarcoat what happened, this was a state-ordered execution of an innocent baby thanks to socialized medicine.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, the Christian legal group that took the lead in representing the Evans family may be investigated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, a watchdog group that works with the British government.

How dare a Christian group step in to protect the most vulnerable of society??! This speaks volumes of the British government. It’s sending a chilling message to the masses: “Don’t question the government’s practices.”


Under socialism, families are stripped of their rights, the government owns you and judges turn into death panels.

Do you think the judges would have given a death sentence like this to anyone in their family’s or the families of the powerful, rich and famous?

I don’t think so. It’s clear only the commoners are condemned to death.

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