Chris Bedford: Mueller Is ‘Waging Proxy War’ On Trump Through Cohen Raid [VIDEO]

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller is “waging a proxy war” against President Donald Trump by raiding Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen, The Daily Caller News Foundation Editor-in-Chief Chris Bedford said.

“Here’s what it looks like from the outside: it looks like Mueller and his friends at The Department of Justice are waging a proxy war on the President of The United States right now by assigning this task to New York and saying, ‘We washed our hands; but hey, it would be good if someone took care of this,'” Bedford said on Fox Business News’ “Kennedy” Thursday night.


The comments come after news broke that investigators obtained a pen register warrant for Cohen, which allows investigators to obtain information about calls placed to and from a certain phone such as phone numbers and the length of a call.

“Earlier on, when the legal team for Donald Trump was led by the folks before Rudy Giuliani came in here, they seemed to be really unwilling to step in,” Bedford continued. “It’s also been portrayed as a battle between Stormy Daniels, but I think that it’s much more than that, and I think Mayor Giuliani thinks it’s more than that.”

Bedford’s comments also come as Trump decided to hire Giuliani to join his personal legal team April 19.

“What we have seen this past week, when Giuliani has gone on the offensive, when he has tried to say this is not campaign finance reform, this money was reimbursed, which would imply there is no bank fraud involved,” Bedford said. “When he tries to do that, he has decided that the Department of Justice and the folks in New York are trying to pick off one President Donald Trump’s oldest and closest confidants and remove one of his officers from the battlefield.”

“They’re pretending it’s got nothing to do with the Russia investigation, but all of the same players back here in Washington would had to have signed off on any of this for all of this to have happened,” Bedford concluded.

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