The Next Democratic Nominee Will Emulate Kathy Griffin

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Scott Greer Contributor
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Kathy Griffin is back in the news after telling a White House official to suck her “dick.”

Griffin attended the White House Correspondents’ Dinner Saturday, which offered her the opportunity to yell at White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley. She first demanded to know how Gidley slept at night working for President Trump, and then proceeded to berate him for asking, “Are we really going to do this?”

“Yes we are, suck my dick! No, really, suck my dick!” the profoundly unfunny comedian shouted at Gidley. As the White House official departed, she added, “Fuck you!”

Griffin was still proud of herself for this act as she boasted about it on Twitter on Tuesday.

The disgraced comedian, who saw her career go down in flames last year after doing a photo stunt with a fake severed head of Trump, is going all in on being a foul-mouthed enemy of the president. She took back her apology for the anti-Trump stunt, telling “The View” Monday, “Fuck him.”

Griffin has found a cheering section among the press and Resistance liberals who love her for blaming her own idiotic photo shoot on the president, indulging the millionaire’s sense of vicitimization and entitlement in the process.

The anti-Trump entertainer isn’t the only one who has found fans by swearing at Trump and Republicans — so have politicians. It’s not out of the question to think the next Democratic presidential nominee will try to imitate Trump and curse at their political foes as much as possible.

Griffin’s unhinged rage, complete with four-letter words and sexual insults, represents a large portion of the progressive base. Remember all the ridiculous costumes and signs of the Women’s March? Griffin is distilling all of that anger into telling random White House staffers to suck her non-existent penis.

Two possible presidential contenders have taken note of that rage and tried to emulate in their speeches. In 2017, California Sen. Kamala Harris decided to drop an f-bomb during a public appearance.

In attacking a Republican lawmaker’s suggestion on food stamps, Harris declared, “What the fuck is that?” to wild applause from a progressive audience. (RELATED: Sen. Kamala Harris Puts Potty Mouth On Public Display)

New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has also felt the need to drop f-bombs in public, saying last year about her job, “[W]e’re here to help people, and if we’re not helping people, we should go the fuck home.”

Not as wild as Griffin’s comments, but both Harris and Gillibrand could get there. Many others like to get on that same act as well when speaking about Trump.

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox exploits every television appearance to say Mexican won’t pay for that “fucking wall.” Several CNN personalities have made a point to swear about the president and his policies on live TV. All of these antics seem to be a hit with a liberal audience.

This foul-mouthed resistance does mirror Trump’s own behavior.

In the 2016 Republican primary, he demanded America bomb the shit out of ISIS and called one of his opponents a pussy. Angry GOP voters loved how he channeled their anger at the establishment and political correctness in blunt terminology. One of his opponents, Marco Rubio, decided to imitate Trump late in his bid by making fun of the future nominee’s hands.

It didn’t work out, as it appeared contrived and didn’t channel the anger of the base, unlike Trump’s insults.

By the 2020 primary, Democratic primary voters are going to be furious at the state of affairs in the country. They will hate Trump even more than they do now, and they will look to the candidate who will best express their rage.

In the age of Trump, it’s a good bet to say it will resemble Kathy Griffin’s outburst: loud, profane and full of venom. Trump’s bluster represented the agitation of working-class whites — the next Democratic presidential nominee will probably be the champion of single female outrage.

Prepare for a nasty battle between the two.

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