POLL: Can Pompeo Restore the State Department’s ‘Swagger’?

Mike Pompeo Getty Images/Joe Raedle

Mary Peeples Contributor
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Many are waiting to see what will happen when Mike Pompeo takes over at the State Department in the coming weeks.

In a statement made Wednesday, Pompeo declared that he intends to get the “swagger” of the State Department back.

Trump’s “chief diplomat” will hopefully increase said swagger levels as he tackles pressing diplomatic concerns, especially regarding North Korea and the dismantling of its nuclear activity. He is reportedly committed, driven and spirited in the wake of this transfer of power.

Now you might be asking yourself. What exactly is “swagger?”

It is an air of confidence that will hopefully enhance the diplomatic capabilities of the state department. Pompeo is no Rex Tillerson, and with the positivity radiating from President Trump, perhaps cohesiveness will prevail.

Pompeo has already removed himself from his predecessors, Hillary and Kerry. Maybe he will have God on his side to get their “swagger back.” (RELATED: Pompeo Puts Kim Jong Un On Notice — Time For State Department To Get It’s ‘Swagger Back’)