Reporter Criticizes Trump For Sitting Down With Kim Jong Un – Sanders NUKES The Whole Press Room

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Sarah Sanders had a deeply contentious White House press briefing Thursday afternoon.

The president’s spokesperson got into verbal spats with multiple reporters over a variety of issues. Questions about Stormy Daniels, torture techniques and classified memos were flying and Sanders once told a reporter “You don’t know me.”

Few got it as bad as Brian Karem, however, the White House correspondent for Playboy Magazine. Brian asked if the president believes “he is above the law?”

Sanders immediately said “No.”

He then asked, “Does [Trump] prefer to sit down with Kim Jong un versus Bob Mueller?”

Brian was referring to Trump’s planned meeting with the North Korean leader in the effort of denuclearization of the peninsula.

Sanders torched the question, saying “I think that the president feels like stopping a nuclear war and helping preventing nuclear war and helping protect the safety and the security of people across globe would be the number one priority of the president of the United States.”

Sanders continued, “And certainly I would think would be the priority that most Americans would share in support the president doing.”