EXCLUSIVE: Roger Stone Explains Relationship With Rick Gates

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Saagar Enjeti White House Correspondent
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Republican consultant Roger Stone filled The Daily Caller on the details of his relationship with former deputy Trump campaign manager Rick Gates after reports surfaced regarding its interest to special counsel Robert Mueller.

“Special counsel Robert Mueller is focusing intensely on alleged interactions between former top Trump campaign official Rick Gates and political operative Roger Stone,” CNBC reported Thursday, adding, “The questions have been largely about what was discussed at meetings, including dinners, between Stone and Gates, before and during the campaign.”

Stone said an exclusive statement to TheDC, however, that he “only attended ONE dinner with Gates and New York Trump campaign officials to discuss the selection of New York delegates to the Republican National Convention after Trump swept the New York Primary.”

He added that “in this case, the dinner was supposed to be with then-Trump Convention manager Paul Manafort, who canceled at the last minute and sent Gates in his stead.”

Stone claims to have never attended any meetings with Gates at Trump tower or “any substantive meeting with Gates elsewhere.”

The Republican political operative continued that while the CNBC story alleged they worked together in the 1980’s that he has “no memory of Gates from this period and never worked with him on anything- if he was even really there.”

He noted however that he had one interaction with Gates in which the deputy campaign manager called him about a personal matter that later resolved itself during the campaign.