Levin Lauds Sanders: You Are ‘Attractive,’ ‘Courageous,’ ‘Professional’ — Slams ‘Dogs’ Of Media

John Wellington Digital Content Manager

Radio and Podcast host, Mark Levin sang high praises for White house Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on his podcast Thursday.

At the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, comedian Michelle Wolf took digs at several members of the current administration. No one, however, got it worse than the White House press secretary.


The comedian’s remarks drew and overwhelmingly negative reaction. The president said her performance a “very big, boring bust.”

Many have come to the defense of Sanders, but arguably no one has done it as well and as elegantly as Mark Levin. In the latest installment of “Mark Levin Audio Rewind,” the host sang incredibly high praises for the Press Sec.


“She is the best of the best, I gotta tell ya, she is the best [Press Secretary] I have ever seen, and I mean it” he said.

“I want to tell Mrs. Sanders something” Levin continued, ” … I don’t want to talk about the reporters who were at the White House Correspondence Dinner. I don’t care about them, they’re loathsome. But I want her to understand something, you are a very attractive young lady, you are a very courageous young lady, you are a very professional young lady, and you are doing a spectacular job. Do not let these dogs get you down.”

“I think I speak for virtually everyone in my audience how impressed we are with you, and how I am sure your mother and father couldn’t be prouder of you, and they oughta be, and so should the president.”