Trump Interrupted During Speech When A Man Shouts Two Words – What Happens Next Is Very Texas

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics

President Donald Trump’s red meat speech at the NRA’s national convention Friday touched in a wide range of issues, including Diamond and Silk, Kanye West, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and CNN.

In the middle of the speech, Trump told the audience that the midterms were coming up and that he had to tone down his rhetoric.

“We are doing real well,” POTUS  said. “They were actually saying — three months ago when the rhetoric was rather sharp — do we agree? Now, I’m trying to calm it down a little bit.

“So I’m not going to use the rhetoric.”

Trump was about to continue when he was forced to pause as an audience member shouted out at him. The President listened and laughed onstage when a man yelled “use it!” at Trump.

Trump told the man, “I know you come from Texas — whoever the hell you are — I know you come from Texas.”

Trump then took the opportunity to attack the Obama administration, saying “The last administration had a policy of silence. Don’t talk! You may make them and him angry! Don’t talk.”

“If a horrible statement is made about the United States, don’t say anything,” Trump said, “Please, please. Oh, my gosh.”

The audience burst into laughter.