‘Slow Road To Fascism’ — Meghan McCain Slams Political Correctness, Safe Space Culture

Justin Caruso Contributor

The View’s Meghan McCain railed against political correctness Friday, calling it a “slow road to fascism.”


“Bill Maher is on the road,” Joy Behar first claimed. “He says whatever he wants. Do you watch his show on HBO? He has no limit on what he’ll say, because he works at HBO. I don’t work at HBO. That’s our situation, we have to remember where we work, and people get mad at you.”

“They’ll put something on Twitter that I didn’t really say, or didn’t mean it like that, and then the next thing you know, sponsors are pulling out or something, I don’t care for that.”

“There’s an interesting synergy though, between classic Democrats and classic Republicans and the First Amendment bridge, that comes together because vociferously I defend the First Amendment as well. I think people should say whatever they want, however they want, not without recourse obviously,” she continued. “Look at Kanye West right now.”

“But I will say, I get very anxious at the safe space, we can’t ever hear this person speak. Like, that to me is a slow road to fascism and it scares me.”

Today, Behar agreed with McCain on the subject of free speech and political correctness.

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