I Went To A Left-Wing Lightsaber Rally To Defend Obamacare And Asked One Simple Question

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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The political group “Healthcare Voter.org” held a rally to celebrate “Star Wars” and Obamacare on Friday in Washington, D.C.

The moderately attended event in a park featured a diverse range of activists dressed in their best “Star Wars” attire, wave foam lightsabers. The event also featured a sign-up table for people to stay involved in the movement.

It was a stones throw from The Daily Caller offices, so I decided to stop by.

I showed up near the end of the event but was able to speak with a main organizer of the event, Mika. Mika, wearing a Yoda hat and wave a lightsaver, happily spoke with me about why Obamacare is awesome and why I should fight the conservative attempt to repeal the landmark law.

My question for her was this: “Do you know that ‘Star Wars’ is a fake, made-up story — very much like when Barack Obama said that you can keep your doctor if you like your doctor?”

The New York Times listed this as one of Obama’s biggest lies.

Mika said she did not want to talk about that.

I asked a similar question, wondering if she knew that “Star Wars” is like a fantasy, like when Obama said the Affordable Care Act would lower premiums.

Mika said that was “not accurate.”

It is.

Mika offered that she is only trying to “save people’s lives.”

But that is exactly what Palpatine said when he exerted total government control over the Empire. Just like Obamacare exerts total control over the health care industry.

I asked that question.

Mika told me she had to go.

Maybe to a galaxy far, far, away.