Bill Maher Rips Trump-Kanye-Rudy Bromances: Matches Made On ‘OKStupid’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Comedian Bill Maher took potshots at President Donald Trump and his two “new best friends,” Kanye West and Rudy Giulani during Friday night’s “Real Time” on HBO.

“It’s like he … joined a new dating site, ‘OKStupid,'” Maher joked.

Other than his introduction, however, Maher left West out of the conversation and focused the majority of his barbs on Giuliani and Trump.

During a segment Maher titled “this week’s episode of I don’t even know where to start,” he criticized Trump for replacing Cohen with Giuliani. Citing the mixed up stories that came from Giuliani and White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Maher exclaimed, “You know you hit rock bottom when Trump is cleaning up your quotes. Oh, that’s not what Rudy meant to say. Here to explain is the monkey from ‘Rampage’.”

Maher also attacked the administration over what appeared to be a number of conflicting stories, suggesting that no one really knew who was saying what to whom with regard to television interviews. “It’s like improv comedy, except it’s not funny.”