Dana Loesch Owns Bloomberg-Funded Gun-Grabber Who Made False Accusations — ‘What A Shameless Lie’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Dana Loesch fought back on Saturday after being accused of crashing an anti-gun meeting near the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting she was attending. But Loesch claimed that, at the time she was accused of crashing the rally, she was eating lunch with her family.

Shannon Watts, of the Bloomberg-funded gun control group Moms Demand Action, made the claim on Twitter, saying that Loesch had arrived uninvited with cameras.

Loesch responded, saying that she had spent the day with her family and was eating lunch outside Dallas when Watts accused her of casing the Moms Demand Action meeting.

But when Loesch suggested that Watts owed her an apology, Watts’ initial accusation changed. While she had begun by claiming that Loesch herself had showed up, her later tweets only mention seeing members of Loesch’s crew.

At the time of publication, Loesch was still waiting for that apology.