SNL Parody Shows Kanye West Rant Getting Everyone Killed

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Kanye West’s pro-Trump comments got everyone killed during a parody of the film “A Quiet Place” on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”

The characters in the film, reacting to West’s remarks from both Twitter and TMZ, were unable to remain silent — which resulted in their being eaten by monsters that were tracking them by sound.

It started with the character played by Donald Glover, who said, “You guys! Kanye just tweeted. He said he would have voted for Trump… Kanye has the hat and everything, and Trump signed it. He signed it!”

Kenan Thompson’s character is unable to contain his outrage. His outburst, “Oh, come on, Kanye,” gets him snatched from the group.

The remaining characters try to rein everyone in, saying that they should try to only discuss what’s important — like how to survive a world full of monsters that can hear everything they do. And also the midterm elections. “And then I guess also like the midterms. Like what’s happening with that?”