Take A Minute Out Of Your Day To Watch The Craziest Videos Of A Hawaiian Volcano Erupting

(SHUTTERSTOCK: By Taochy Gilles)

Jena Greene Reporter

There’s no time for “sightseeing,” on Hawaii’s Big Island this week.

That’s according to Hawaiian officials, who are trying to handle one of the most epic volcanic eruptions in modern Hawaiian history.

Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano started erupting on Thursday last week and is considered highly dangerous to the civilians in the area, as lava engulfs everything in its path and emits toxic sulfur dioxide into the air.

On top of that, a 6.9 magnitude earthquake followed Thursday’s eruptions, so it’s probably safe to say that Hawaiians are not having the best May 2018 so far.

And as tragic as this natural disaster is, some pretty remarkable footage has emerged after a few brave Hawaiians stayed to do exactly what officials warned them not to: sightsee.

Here are some of the most unbelievable shots they’ve captured so far.

Apparently when lava leaks out of the ground it emits a “jet sound,” which is basically just pressure escaping from cracks in the earth. It’s an eery sound.

The pressure is so great that the lava has spewed up to 300 feet in some areas.

And check out this car being completely engulfed by a monstrous pile of lava.

So far, 26 homes have been completely destroyed and 10 crevices have opened up. More Hawaiians are scrambling to evacuate, taking only the clothes on their back and their pets in many cases. And scientists aren’t certain when to expect the eruption to cease.

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