McCain’s Final Insult To Trump

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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Sen. John McCain is known for holding grudges, and on today’s episode of The Daily Daily Caller Podcast, we discuss his final, ultimate grudge being held against President Donald Trump. It seems in planning his memorial service, McCain does not want the president of the United States to attend.


McCain does want the vice president there, however. Trump and McCain have had their fights, like when Trump said McCain was only a war hero because he got captured and when McCain was the deciding vote against repealing Obamacare, but those sorts of disagreements tend to be temporary and participants have a history of putting those things aside at the end of the day. McCain, it seems, has no interest in moving past them.


McCain has also thrown some shade over his 2008 running mate, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, saying he wishes he had picked someone else, namely former Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman. Palin, for all her faults now, at the time was the driving force behind a large percentage of the energy the McCain/Palin ticket had. But McCain, in a new book, makes it clear he regrets picking her.


Americans can breathe easy knowing the question none of them were asking has been answered – Michelle Obama has no interest in running for office. Why is it that Democratic wives always seem to have this faux media buzz about them running for office? It’s almost like the media has an agenda, or something.


Speaking of Democratic Party wives who run for office, James Carville says he doesn’t think Hillary Clinton has any desire to run for office again. While we all might enjoy watching her lose one more time, for old times’ sake, this is probably best for all involved.

Amazon is barring a conservative religious freedom group from participating in its charity partnership program because the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled it a “hate group.” Of course, the SPLC labels every non-liberal group a “hate group,” which makes this a thumb in the eye from Amazon to half the country. Weirdly, not only does the SPLC have a say over which charities can partner with Amazon, the Center is also one of benefiting charities.

Rosie O’Donnell is in hot water for violating campaign finance laws by giving more than is legally allowed to several Democrats. Her excuse seems to be that it was late at night and she figured those candidates would refuse her money if she’d maxed out already. But she used different names and addresses, so maybe she knew more than she is letting on. Dinesh D’Souza went to prison for violating these same laws. Do you think Rosie will do any time? Don’t hold your breath.

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