Where Do You Fall On The Starbucks Spectrum?

REUTERS/Mark Makela

Mary Peeples Contributor
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It’s always interesting when you walk into a Starbucks location and see who else is in a frenzy for their daily dose of caffeine. But lately, the chain has been the center of political controversy after two young black men were asked to leave a Philadelphia store after declining to make a purchase.

The cops were called, and soon video of the men being detained hit the internet.

But even before that event, the Seattle-based company has used its stature to address immigration, LGBTQ rights and President Donald Trump, even as it seeks to cater to customers of differing perspectives. (Don’t get us started on complicated orders.)

Which brings us to this quiz.

Are you the type of person who tolerates the pricey black coffee just to get a caffeine fix, or do you love Starbucks’ foray into social issues?

Take the quiz below to see where you fall on the Starbucks spectrum of activism and slacktivism.