Former Obama Official Says Iran ‘Has Shown More Credibility’ Than The White House

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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Thomas Countryman, a former Obama official who worked on the Iran nuclear deal, stated that Iran has “shown more credibility and more consistency with international law” than the current administration Tuesday on CNN.


“The Trump administration thinks it can renegotiate the deal with Iran. Any chance that can happen?” asked host Poppy Harlow.

“The Trump administration has laid out no plan for how credible negotiations could take place with Iran. What they are doing, whatever the president decides today, would be the first of seven states that signed the agreement to be in violation of the agreement. It’s incredible that Iran has shown more credibility and more consistency with international law than the White House is showing,” said Countryman.

“And it will have several very negative follow-on effects. First, an unnecessary fight with our best allies in Europe. Secondly, the loss of visibility of inspection capability for the international community in Iran. Third, the possibility that Iran goes back to exactly the behavior that we stopped in its tracks four years ago,” Countryman continued. “And finally, the White House will create a crisis, not one that you’ll see tomorrow but a slow motion crisis that significantly increases the risk of the U.S. making another disastrous military intervention in the Middle East.”

“So it’s a very bad idea, and the Trump administration has not laid out any credible plan B to get to a renegotiation of the terms it doesn’t like,” Countryman stated.

Iran has been accused of violating the spirit of JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) by conducting its own ballistic missile tests. In a recent presentation, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed information obtained by Israeli intelligence alleging that Iran has been working on a nuclear program of their own.

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