POLL: The Best Condiment Is …

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Janie Reynolds Contributor
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Ahh, condiments. The cherry (tomato) on top of any decent sandwich. Any BLT is utterly incomplete without the obligatory large dose of mayo or dijon mustard to tie it all together. If you don’t use condiments, you’re seriously missing out.

Over the weekend, I engaged in a rather heated debate with a friend to decide which condiment was truly superior. The sweet tomato musk of ketchup? The smooth, rich flavor of mayo? The sharp, strong musk of dijon? It’s hard to decide.

Personally, I’ve been known to nearly shed a tear over a homemade spicy mayo but, as we all know, no one has the same opinion. Even Papa John’s Garlic Sauce has a loyal following in the world of delivery pizza add-ons.

So please, tell me your opinion. Which condiment can evoke emotions that will move you to tears? End the debate once and for all. Which condiment reign supreme in our modern world of culinary delights? Let us know what you think.