Transgender Family Medical Clinic Opens In Georgia


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Starland Family Practice, a clinic established to treat transgender individuals, opened its doors Monday in Savannah, Ga.

The clinic serves transgender individuals who don’t feel comfortable going to a clinic with more traditional practices, according to a WSAV3 report.

Starland Family Practice operates three days a week, but might soon serve patients every day of the week so there will be no shortage of services available to patients who identify as transgender. The clinic took in patients prior to Monday’s official opening date, and already has a five-star review. Starland’s Brandon Earehart noted that previously, transgender individuals were flying to various cities in order to receive hormone treatment, and the newly opened clinic will alleviate the burden of travel by providing those services in Georgia.

“If you can’t be open and honest about your lifestyle, what you are doing, who you might be having sex with — it could change the type of testing and screening you might do,” said Earehart, pointing to the clinic’s work.

Earehart is a certified physician’s assistant and works as a general medical provider, offering routine health care exams.

Earehart also said the clinic is staffed with medical professionals specializing in transgender issues. He said that while he hopes all physicians will soon be trained to understand the full breadth of medical issues affecting transgenders, Starland Family Practice’s work is vital in the meantime.

“I think eventually this type of practice will probably be obsolete, which will be great for the population as a whole,” he said. “But right now, there’s a need for it.”

A Utah university clinic also offers speech classes to help transgender individuals learn how to adopt the voice of the gender they’d like to identify as. Students from the Rocky Mountain University Speech-Language Pathology program decided to begin the program specifically with the intention of helping transgender people, according to the Daily Herald(RELATED: University Clinic Teaches Transgender People How To Speak With Voices To Fit Their Gender Choice)

Medical research shows 80 to 95 percent of children outgrow their gender dysphoria naturally and accept their biological sex if nature takes its course. Top studies also show no mental improvement after gender-reassignment surgery, according to Heritage Foundation senior research fellow and author Ryan Anderson, who pointed to a Swedish study wherein people who successfully transitioned suffered 20 times the suicide rate of their peers and also suffered lifelong mental health issues.

There hasn’t been a single long-term randomized study on the effects of hormone-blocking treatments on children, and no laws currently govern or regulate hormone-blocker usage.

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