Wounded Vet Salutes President Trump For Pulling Out Of Iran Deal

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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A veteran who was wounded by a bomb in Iraq had the ultimate response to President Donald Trump pulling out of the Iran deal on Tuesday.

Robert Bartlett was severely injured by a roadside Iranian-made bomb while in Iraq. The gunner in his vehicle lost his legs in the attack and the commander died instantly.


Fox News’ Martha MacCallum asked Bartlett how he felt watching Trump deliver his speech pulling the United States out of the Iran Deal.

Bartlett responded by simply saluting the president and stating, “Thank you, Mr. President, I really appreciate it.”

“It’s a great anniversary for me, I mean, thirteen years ago last Thursday we got blown up,” he said.

Bartlett, who now works as an adviser for United Against Nuclear Iran, added that he knows Iran was using the money released to them in the nuclear deal to spread terror.

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