Former CIA Counterterror Official ‘Pissed Off’ At Dems Questioning Interrogation Techniques

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Former CIA counterterror official Philip Mudd said on CNN Wednesday he was “pissed off” at the moralizing from Democratic senators over past CIA interrogation techniques.

Mudd, now a CNN contributor and frequent critic of the Trump administration, lost his temper after Democrats lectured Gina Haspel over the “morality” of enhanced interrogation techniques used in the early years of the War on Terror. Mudd held nothing back about what he called the “selective amnesia” of Democrats.


“I don’t appreciate the collective amnesia,” Mudd told host Jake Tapper.

“Lets go dirty, and lets go ugly,” he continued. “I was among the CIA officers 15 years ago who spoke with the Congress in detail about the techniques we used. I spoke about the techniques that were authorized by the Department of Justice, I spoke to Republicans and Democrats, they were either silent or supportive.”

“You can vote against Gina Haspel,” Mudd continued, “but don’t give me the collective amnesia about how it’s on CIA. I want to talk to the Senators who told us they represented American values and conveniently, in 2002 and 2003, dis-represented American values now that we don’t face the same threat and that we have different Senators it’s OK to attack one of my former colleagues. I am pissed off. This is collective amnesia. We didn’t do it, America did it. Get over it.”