Sarah Sanders Goes Off On Reporter Who Asked About Pulling The Press Credentials For ‘Fake News’

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Sarah Sanders sharply confronted a reporter during Wednesday’s White House briefing for asking about President Trump’s threat to take away the press credentials of the “fake news.”

“The Fake News is working overtime,” Trump had tweeted earlier that day. “Why do we work so hard in working with the media when it is corrupt? Take away credentials?”

Fast forward to the briefing, and a reporter asked if snatching credentials is a line “you would be willing to cross?”

Sanders responded bluntly, “I’m standing up in front of you have right now taking your questions.”

Sanders claimed the Trump White House was “one of the most accessible” administrations in U.S. history and is “committed to a free press.” She noted that Trump also took questions earlier in the day and “will be in front of the press later tonight as well.”

The reporter asked again “How is the suggestion of taking American journalists press credentials away advocating for a free press in this country?”

Then Sanders exploded.

Notably irritated, Sanders repeated, “The fact that I’m standing here taking questions. The fact that the president took questions from your colleagues just two hours ago demonstrates this White House’s commitment to accessibility and to providing information to the American public.”

Then she took the press to task, listing a litany of fake and misleading reports by the outlets in the room.

At the same time, the press has a responsibility to put out accurate information.

Just yesterday The New York Times accused the Secretary of State for being AWOL — AWOL — when he was flying across the globe to bring three Americans home. That is an outrageous claim.

Just earlier this week, The Washington Post accused the First Lady of not living in the White House. That outrageous claim was then repeated again in this room.

We are here. We are taking questions. We are doing everything we can to provide regular and constant information to the American people and there is a responsibility by you guys to provide accurate information.

“We wouldn’t be here to ask those questions without those credentials,” the reporter countered.

“And you are,” Sanders bluntly said. “You are clearly sitting here asking them right now.”