Military Veteran Accuses Member Of Parliament Of Sexual Misconduct

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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A Canadian Army veteran is accusing a Quebec member of parliament of sexual misconduct.

In a Tuesday interview with CBC News, Glen Kirkland alleges that Christine Moore of the New Democratic Party invited him into her office after he testified at a government committee. Moore allegedly served him alcoholic drinks – despite knowing he was taking antidepressants and should not be drinking – subsequently sent him sexually explicit messages and turned up at his home unannounced.

Ironically, Moore’s recent comments on another NDP member, Erin Weir, were instrumental in having him removed from caucus over allegations of sexual harassment.

Kirkland says he was testifying before the Parliamentary committee on defense and veterans affairs in 2013 about his service in Afghanistan and the difficulties he said he faced trying to obtain veterans’ benefits prior to Moore’s inappropriate actions. Kirkland says Moore approached him after the end of the meeting to suggest the two discuss his issues privately. Kirkland alleges that after he was offered alcohol he informed Moore, who is nurse, that he was taking anti-depressants and therefore shouldn’t be consuming intoxicants. The former soldier says Moore dismissed his concerns.

Kirkland alleges the MP ultimately followed him to a golf tournament in Manitoba and then to his residence, where he told Moore “this is not happening.”

“Look, I’m not crying rape,” Kirkland told CBC News. “I don’t like to think of myself as a survivor. I prefer ‘thriver.’ But what she did was inappropriate. Was I a willing participant? I guess it depends on your definition of willing. There was a power imbalance. There was a level of authority there.”

Although NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is calling Kirland’s story “troubling,” he is not expelling Moore from caucus — as he did to Weir — but asking her not to participate in committee meetings until further notice.

Singh told CBC on Tuesday, “I take these allegations very seriously, and I will be appointing an independent investigator to conduct a fair and full examination.” Weir was also subject to an independent investigation that ruled his actions “might reasonably be expected to cause offense.” Weir says he might have sat too close to a woman and made her feel uncomforatable.

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