CNN: Democratic Support For Trump’s NoKo Policy Jumps 20 Points In One Month

Amber Athey White House Correspondent
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A CNN poll found that Democratic approval for President Donald Trump’s handling of North Korea jumped a whopping 20 points over just one month.


Trump has managed a series of accomplishments on diplomatic relations with the rogue regime, including securing the release of three American hostages and officially setting a meeting with dictator Kim Jong-Un.

CNN’s David Chalian’s reported on Thursday, “We cannot stress enough —  not only is it historic — politically, this is hugely advantageous to President Trump right now.”

He noted that 77 percent of Americans approve of Trump meeting with Kim Jong-Un, which is a 15-point increase from last month. Shockingly, among Democrats, the approval rating for how Trump is handling North Korea jumped 20 points in the same month.

“How about this stat from our poll?” Chalian said with urgency. “Among Democrats, Donald Trump’s approval on how he handles North Korea has gone up 20 points in the last month. From 6-percent approval among Democrats to now 26-percent approval, a quarter of Democrats support and approve what he’s doing on North Korea.”

“A quarter of Democrats don’t ever support or approve anything Donald Trump is doing,” Chalian added, explaining the unprecedented nature of the approval jump.

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