INSTANT JUSTICE: ISIS Terrorist Tries Planting IED — It Blows Up In His Own Face

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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A new video from the Iraqi Army Aviation shows a terrorist attempting to plant an IED in Iraq.

This terrorist gets instant justice when the bomb he’s trying to plant blows up in his own face.


According to the LiveLeak description, the incident took place in Badush, Iraq.

Honestly, this scum got exactly what he deserved. If you plant a bomb hoping to hurt someone else, getting blown up yourself is pure justice.

I guess this guy sort of did a good thing in a way, killing himself so our brave American servicemen and women didn’t have to waste American bullets or bombs getting him. Let’s hope that more terrorists are as stupid as he is and start taking care of themselves so America and our allies don’t have to.

This video comes as Trump tweeted that five leaders of ISIS were captured Thursday.

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Justin Caruso