Mike Pence Slams Jon Karl For Questioning ‘Smiling’ Photo With Kim Jong Un

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Vice President Mike Pence took a shot at ABC’s Jon Karl after he questioned why Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was taking photos smiling with Kim Jong Un.


Pompeo met with the North Korean leader on Wednesday and secured the release of three American hostages. The pair took several photos of them shaking hands and smiling.

“Those photographs — the two of them are all smiles, it’s almost — I mean, it’s remarkable,” Karl said. “Big enthusiastic handshake like they’re old friends. How is that possible?”

“I mean, you yourself described Kim Jong Un as one of the most brutal dictators on the planet,.”

Pence nodded in agreement, but replied, “what you’re seeing is diplomacy.”

“Diplomacy that has followed the United States of America speaking truth that we’ll no longer tolerate the path North Korea’s been on with regard to nuclear missiles,” VPOTUS continued. “What’s different today is the United States has offered no concessions, nothing in exchange, and yet we do see… signs that this may be different. And it’s all a result of President Trump’s leadership.”

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