‘Heartbreaking’ — Mike Pence Tells Story About Released American Prisoner

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Vice President Mike Pence told a story about flying back with the newly released American prisoners from North Korea on ABC News Thursday morning.

One of the released prisoners asked to step outside the plane while it was refueling so he could see sunlight, because he hadn’t for so long.


“It’s heartbreaking to think of it. In fact, the Secretary of State told me that when the plane refueled in Anchorage, one of the detainees asked to go outside the plane because he hadn’t seen daylight in a very long time.”

“But as they came down the stairs, the joy on their faces, their appreciation for the people of the United States, for their countrymen, for the president and, frankly, their gratitude to God was deeply moving. The first words that they said to us we’re ‘thank you’ and then ‘thank you for your prayers.'” (RELATED: Migrant Caravan Shows Up At The Border — Mike Pence Sends Them A Message That They Won’t Forget)